What is Staking? The secret to optimal investment returns

What is Staking? This is no longer a new concept for longtime crypto investors. However, not everyone knows how to maximize profits from Staking.

What is Staking? The secret to optimal investment returns

What is staking?

Staking is a process to stake the cryptocurrency on the blockchain at a particular time to earn profits and rewards. The amount of profit and reward is dependent on the number of coins that investors stake on the network.

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What are Staking's benefits?

For the investors using staking – staker. 

-  Create passive income with daily interest.
-  Safety: Staking your coin safety and your asset will be protected, saved, secured, and prevented from cyber-attack and risk.
-  The higher the number of coins staking, the higher the interest received.

Advantages and disadvantages of staking?

Staking is a process to buy and stake your cryptocurrency on the network and win the reward.

Advantages of staking:

The primary benefit of staking is the generating of passive profit. Staking may be quick and simple if you join a staking pool or an online service. It also saves a lot of energy as compared to actively mining coins and is less dangerous than trading.

Disadvantages of staking:

The only limitation coming from staking is that during the time you deposit money into staking, you cannot use it for other purposes such as withdrawing or performing exchange transactions between coins.