Glink P2P Trading FAQ

The article answers frequently asked questions during transactions on Glink Exchange P2P.

Glink P2P Trading FAQ

Garts P2P Trading FAQ

1. Are the orders I see on P2P trading provided by Garts Exchange?

The offers you see on the P2P order page are not generated by the Exchange. Garts Exchange acts as a transaction promotion platform, but the offers are generated by individual users.

2. As a P2P user, how am I protected?

All online transactions are protected by an escrow service. When an ad is posted, the cryptocurrency for sale in that ad is automatically reserved in the merchant's P2P wallet. This means that if the seller cheats you and refuses to unlock the crypto, our customer support team can still unlock the crypto for you from the reserved funds.

If you are the seller, never unlock the funds until you confirm receipt of the funds from the buyer. Note that some of the payment methods used by buyers are not instant payments and may face the risk of funds being moved back to the transferring account.

3. Can I trade without KYC? What do I need to do before P2P transaction?

3.1 All Garts Exchange users must complete KYC to access Garts Exchange products and services, including P2P products. You can access Identity Verification from [User Center] or follow the link:

3.2 Before trading on P2P you must:

+ Enable 2-factor authentication in the Two-Factor Authentication section on the [Account Center] page

+ Add your preferred methods of receiving/sending payments by following the link

4. Why do I have to add a preferred payment method?

A P2P transaction is a transaction made directly between two users. This means that fiat can only be transferred between two users if the buyer and seller's payment methods match.

5. Why do I need to enable 2FA?

In addition to the security concerns during the login process, all users in a P2P transaction need to receive payments, unlock cryptocurrencies, and perform other operations in accordance with the buying and selling process. These operations require the user to enter a two-factor authentication code to verify the user itself is conducting the transaction.

6. Why do I need to complete the Identity Verification step?

A P2P transaction is a transaction made directly between two users. After the buyer and seller's orders are matched, both parties must verify their identity through their real name "KYC", i.e. the person must confirm that the person who deposited fiat money into your account is actually is the person you have matched on the platform.

7. Is P2P available on the Glink.Exchange website?

You can buy and sell USDT and VND through Garts Exchange P2P on

8. What is the transaction fee on Glink P2P?

Glink P2P charges a transaction fee for every completed order from the maker. Here is an overview of the fees:

Taker : 0
Maker: 0.10 USDT

*Please note that some payment method service providers may charge additional transaction fees.

9. What is the 30-day completion rate?

30-day transaction completion rate = 1 - Total orders canceled in the last 30 days / Total orders completed in the last 30 days

If you are a buyer and you canceled a P2P order, this will affect your completion rate, while the seller's completion rate will not be affected.

If you're a seller and the buyer doesn't accept the order or doesn't complete the payment, only the buyer's completion rate will be affected.

10. What is the minimum amount of USDT per ad that I can trade?

You can sell min 1 USDT to a max of 9,999 USDT

11. Can I make transactions with users from other countries?

Yes, the list of fiat currencies you can trade is determined by your Identity Verification area. For example: If you and your partner are both in Southeast Asia, chances are high that both can pay in VND and MYR. Glink P2P is also continuously adding more fiat currency options for users from different regions.

12. Will I receive a notification when there is a new order?

When you make transactions on P2P, Garts Exchange's system will send SMS to your phone number to notify you about the transactions. In addition, you can enable Notification of withdrawal orders to email when you enable this function. To activate the withdrawal notification to email, you can go to the page [ Set up notification ]

13. How do I pay merchants

You must follow the instructions provided on the order details page and transfer the funds to the merchant's account using the specified payment method. Then please click [Money transferred, notify seller]. Please note that your fiat balance will not be automatically deducted by clicking  [Transferred, notify seller], you must make the transfer yourself.

14. On Glink P2P, how many payment methods can I link to my account?

You can activate up to 20 payment methods. Please note that you must activate your payment methods before you can post an ad or receive an order. If you're posting an ad, you can only show 5 different payment methods on a single ad.

15. Can I use someone else's account as a payment method?

Is not. For security reasons, we only allow the use of accounts with the same name as your Identity Verification. If there is an error in the verified name, you will have to contact customer support to correct it before you can correctly add a payment method.

If you use a bank/other payment accounts to pay merchants, your P2P activities may incur a 15-day penalty. You may be permanently banned from P2P trading if you receive 3 warnings from Customer Support.

16. How do I set/change my nickname?

You can set or change the nickname (Username) by selecting [Details] - [Payment Method] - [Edit Profile]. Set or edit your nickname (Username) and press [Update]

*Note that Username must meet the conditions:

Only characters are letters
Capitalize the first letter and no accents, no spaces